Restoration of Democracy and Deviated Role of Political Parties in Pakistan

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Ghulam Zikria


The political parties are the organized groups of the people having certain ideologies. They educate the people politically and field the candidates to elect them as parliamentarians. After achieving the power or in opposition, they attempt to implement their agenda and perform important tasks in the government. But the political parties in Pakistan have been involved in accommodating unelected elites for political maneuver and to extend their rule. They have internal deficits including unfair structure and lack of intra party elections. They are involved in undemocratic practices and are managed as family enterprises and personal property by their founders. They also could not deliver to establish stable and developed political system due to political and ideological contradictions. Moreover, feudalism continued since existence of the country could not be checked after its emergence which seriously affected performance of these parties and functions of democracy. Civil military relationships have always been contradicted regarding security and maintenance of the borders as well upheaval internal social, economic and political issues. Resultantly, the people remained away from power corridors. The disenchantment with political parties is increased and the political leaders have lost their trust in the public. This paper explains the deviated role of political parties and the prospectus of the civilian rule in the country. The political parties should develop democratic norms and improve their functions.

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