Saffron Terrorism in India

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Dr. Javeria Jahangir
Shahid Mehmood


Far Right Extremism is not a new phenomenon nowadays, it has emerged in every society of world gradually on the name of caste, race, religion, and ethnicity. Saffron Terrorism is a deadly shape of Far-Right extremism which is based on Hindutva ideology and flourishes on religious hatred, communal violence, Hindu Muslim riots and ethnic cleansing towards religious minorities living in India. The target of saffron terror is secular nationalism, not the only Muslim community. Secular nationalism's philosophy, includes religious diversity and equality, poses a significant challenge to the Hindu Nationalist’s project of uniformity. Indian political history is highlighted with many major examples of saffron terrorism initiated and powered by numerous Hindu extremist groups. Saffron Terrorism has boosted in the era of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a lifetime member of Hindu Far Right extremist organization RSS, and contest election from the platform of BJP, a political wing of RSS.

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