The Philosophical work of Karl Marx in context of Political Economy, Religion and Politics - A Marxist Perspective

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Talal Maqbool


Marxism is a theory which has been criticized by many but still is relevant to the date. Karl Marx a German Philosopher who changed the way people used to the Capitalist class. Marx was not only a philosopher but also a voice for the working class. Many argue on the Marxian religion and Political system, but Marxism stands different than all. The theory of Karl Marx can be divided into three parts the Economical the Political and the Religious. But theory and practice are different things. The core argument of Karl Marx was to end the class system by making a class less society and eliminating capitalist from all the business. Karl Marx wanted the power and decision to hold in the hands of the working class. To date this debate is alive that was Karl Marx’s solution sufficient enough to solve the issues of the working class or was it all useless.

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