An Analysis of Joe Biden Failed Policy in Afghanistan

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Dr. Sabahat Jaleel
Dr. Habibullah
Husna Noor


This research paper analyzes the Biden administration, its policies regarding the Afghan war and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan after a two-decade war. In the Afghan war, which three administrations successfully ran since 2001, Biden's hectic withdrawal has left doubts regarding Biden presidency. This paper briefly examines the previous administrations of America in the light of political and international relations paradigms; thus, a comparative analysis is also built among the Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations. Biden strategy in Afghanistan is analyzed with the help of the Rational Choice theory. The rational strategy for the Afghan war is highlighted by providing answers to some critical questions, such as: What policies made Biden Administration differ from the previous administrations? What challenges had Biden faced while running a two-decade old war? The paper is precise enough to discuss the cost and benefits of the Afghan war post 9/11. Threats to U.S. security after this withdrawal is under discussion. A qualitative approach has been utilized to analyze the above questions based on secondary data, reports, books and journal articles.

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