Analyzing the Use of Metaphorical Devices in the Political Speeches of Pakistani Political Figures

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Nadir Ali Mugheri
Ali Siddiqui
Shehla Anwar Kurd


The study tends to focus and analyze the critical use of metaphors in political speeches of Pakistani famous figures. The aim of study is centralized to comprehend the tactics employed by the Pakistani figures to use metaphors in context of Pakistan. It is based on religious, societal and lingual background differences in Pakistan. The study follows qualitative approach and analyzes the content of speeches delivered by Parliamentary member of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Imran Khan, the then, Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The metaphors have been used and analyzed in reference to highlight religious, societal, and lingual background differences in Pakistan. The conceptual framework employs metaphor identifier process (MIP). The study has found as a result that peculiar use of metaphors by the political figures are based on the foreground theories to put a clear Image of their vision and could mold the opinions of public to favor of them. The study showed that political figures use religious, lingual, and societal concepts for foregrounding. The study itself can assist lay man and the researchers to comprehend the techniques employed by the political figures of Pakistan in order to create general opinion of public.

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