Effect of Reading Comprehension on Developing Writing Skill of Primary Level Students
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Comprehension, Primary Level, Students, Traditional Teaching, Extensively.


The study was set out to investigate the effect of reading comprehension in developing writing skill of the students in the subject of English at primary level. Most of the studies at different level of education revealed that there is a strong relation between reading comprehension and writing. It was an experimental study in which pretest posttest control group design was used to conduct the experiment. Reading material was taken from books prescribe for the syllabus by Federal Board. In order to measure the performance of the students' teacher made achievement tests were prepared by the researcher. The validity of the developed instrument was checked through expert opinion and reliability was checked through pilot testing. This experimental work was carried out for twelve weeks in a public sector school in primary section in Islamabad. Population of experiment was grade IV students. Seventy six students were selected from class IV for experiment through draw method. Students were assigned to experimental and control group after their performance in pre test. Experimental group was extensively made reading comprehension in the subjects of English while control group was taught through traditional method. After the completion of the experimental period post test was administered. The data was collected through teacher made achievement test was analyzed applying independent t-test. The results of study revealed that extensive reading practice in the subject of English significantly affects the writing skill of students at primary level as compare to the traditional teaching method.

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