Relationship of Shyness with Parental Education And Family Structure
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Shyness, Parental Education, Family Structure, Students Performance.


Shyness affects and influences the class room performance of the students. The objectives of the study were: (1) to check the relationship of shyness with parental education; (2) to check the relationship of shyness with family structure. 252 students of different colleges of Rawalpindi/Islamabad were population of the study and 42 students of were selected as a sample for this study. A simple random sampling technique was used for this study. The researcher got the data with the help of personal visits to the college. Crozier’s shyness questionnaire was used by the researcher for measuring shyness. Another instrument which was used was a self developed questionnaire to know the correlates of shyness. Chi-square test of independence was used for data analysis. The results of the study showed that shyness depended upon these correlates of shyness as parental education and family structure. The findings of the research showed that bigger structure of family has good impact on personality of the student and he would get many chances of social interaction consequently he would be less shy. If the family structure is smaller than due to less social interactions and dealings, the student would be shyer. More over Parental education has also an impact on children shyness. According to findings, if the parents are highly qualified and educated, their children would be less shy but if parents are illiterate or uneducated, then students would be shyer. It shows that shyness depends on parental education and there is an association between shyness and parental education. In order to remove this problem of shyness some steps should be taken as parents and teachers may not criticize their children and learners without any reason and more exposure should be provided to students.

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