US-India Relations From Estrangement to Rapprochement
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Rapprochement, Strategic, Defence, Economic Relations


Since the end of Cold War, relations between US and India were established for different geo-political and strategic purposes. America got seismic shift in its foreign policy from estrangement to engagement with India. In the post Cold War period the geopolitical realties of the South Asian region impale America to make amicable relations with India. Events like disintegration of the Soviet Union, rise of China, and deteriorated situation of Afghanistan after withdrawal of Soviet forces had created an administrative gap in the country. The rise of Taliban and other terrorist groups under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden appeared to pose an imminent threat to US security. In this sordid geo-political conditions America decided to establish geo-strategic and economic relations with India to counter emerging threats to it. At the initial period of 21st century the events like 9/11 and occupation of Afghanistan by NATO forces opened up new vistas of friendship between India and America. This research has highlighted major geostrategic, defence, economic and technological engagement between India and US during the period of post Cold war era and after the event of 9/11.

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