Factors Influencing Brand Loyalty of Sportswear Among Business Students: A Case Study of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
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Brand loyalty, Service quality, Store environment and Style.


In this study factors influencing brand loyalty on business students in sportswear in Hyderabad Sindh are examined from 200 business administration university students. We have studied the various variables which influence brand loyalty factors, such as, service quality, style, price, brand name, store environment and promotion. Data has been collected with help of questionnaire and analyzed through number of statistical techniques in SPSS that include the factor analysis, reliability test, and linear regression is applied. The results indicate two variables, style and brand name, are found significantly impacting on brand loyalty, which store environment, service quality and product quality has insignificant impact on consumers towards brand loyalty in sportswear in Hyderabad. Based on the findings, sportswear companies can enhance the brand loyalty by the introduction of new styles and brand names on timely basis for higher rate of return on investment.

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