Job Satisfaction among Police Officers in District Rawalpindi, Pakistan: Role of Demographic, Social and Psychological Factors
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Police, Job Satisfaction, Demographic, Social, Psychological Factors, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


Police, as a major component of law enforcement, has a critical role in maintaining rule of law. Over the period of time, research has been conducted to improve police performance. In Pakistan, this institution always remains in debate. The present study aimed to explore the association of demographic, social and psychological variables with job satisfaction of police officers in the Punjab, Pakistan. The study was conducted in Rawalpindi District and 385 police officers were selected as respondents of the study. Urdu version of the self-administrated questionnaire was used for data collection. The study found that political influence, life threats, depression, anxiety and stress negatively correlated with job satisfaction of the police personnel. On the other hand, family support, cultural values, life satisfaction and self-esteem positively correlated with job satisfaction. Keeping in view these findings, the study recommended that government should take appropriate actions for reducing depression, anxiety and stress of police officers.

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