English as an Obstacle to Gaining Knowledge: A Case of Sindh Pakistan
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English Language, Knowledge, Obstacle, Sindh, Mother Tongue


English is globally accepted language which enjoys higher status at regional, national and international level in most of the countries in the world today. People equate English with power and status. Using English is taken as a symbol of prestige even though one lacks in the knowledge of relevant filed. In Sindh, most of the subjects including science, mathematics, social and Pakistan studies, religion and civics, and others excepting Sindhi and Urdu are taught in English language. The instructional medium of these subjects as English becomes problematic for the learners at primary, secondary and higher secondary level. This study investigates the problems faced by students at higher secondary level to understand the subjects taught in English language. The study used qualitative approach to address the issue by conducting interviews from students in government sector who learn science, mathematics, and other subjects in English. The study found that students at higher secondary level are less proficient in English language which creates trouble for them to understand the knowledge of the subjects. They are not communicative in English. They face problems in reading, understanding and writing these subjects creatively. The study recommends that these subjects should be taught in students’ mother tongue as the ultimate goal of education is to understand the knowledge of the social and natural world. Students learn best when they are taught in their mother tongue. Besides, English should be taught as a language instead of teaching it as a subject.

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