Pakistan’s Security Challenges: Impact on CPEC
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China, Pakistan, Corridor, Security, Challenges, Threats


CPEC, a flagship project, which connect China-Pakistan through different infrastructural projects. Apart from the China and Pakistan, the project is expected to influence neighboring, Central Asian and European countries. Being the biggest joint venture, the project faces certain security challenges. The research explores the lingering internal and external security concerns that surfaced due to the destabilizationin different areas and create hurdles in the way of development. It is hypothesized that a negative relation between the project development and dismal security conditions exists. The work also answers some innovative questions thus helpful for the students of economics, Pakistan history, politics, internal relations, foreign policy and for those who intend to read about China-Pakistan and their joint ventures. The main objective of the study is to empirically analyze the response of Baloch community and other disturbing elements. Graphical and empirical methods are adopted to describe and analyze the facts and figures related to the topic. The results clearly indicate that CPEC will face resistance from different parts, which will negatively affect the prospects of CPEC.

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