Socio-Economic Characteristics of Poverty and Their Impact on Seasonal Migration in Tharparkar District, Sindh, Pakistan: A Logistic Regression Analysis
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Seasonal Migration, Poverty, Logit Model, Socio-Economic Characteristics.


Migration is a real phenomenon of this world. Migration takes place due to different reasons like; social, economic and environmental reasons. Migration is common in Pakistan and many kinds of migrations are happening in Pakistan for instance; international and internal migration, legal and illegal migration, permanent and temporary/seasonal migration. Apart other migration, seasonal migration is mostly occurred in hilly and desert areas of Pakistan. Tharparkar is also included in desert parts of Pakistan where seasonal migration is part of life of local inhabitants. This research is based on qualitative and quantitative data. For collecting data the settled parameter are: socio economic conditions such as; education, health, family size, family occupation, earning, government facilities, and family assets. After collecting and compiling data, Logitlinear regression model are applied and these models confirmed that, seasonal migrants are poorest segments of community in Tharparkar and it is lack of economic opportunities which compels them to leave their homes to search work for survival. In the context of research study it is concluded that, poverty is main factor behind seasonal in Tharparkar districts. To overcome this issue serious steps are required by government on emergency basis as to uplift the conditions of seasonal migrants.

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