Phonological Differentiation between Pakistani English and British English: Analysis of Sindhi Speakers‟ Cognitive Management of Received Pronunciation
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Phonology, Differentiation, Cognitive, Management, Received Pronunciation


This study explores the phonological differences between Pakistani English and British English in terms of English words which are frequently used in newspapers, media, and education and in other institutions of Sindh province of Pakistan. The study investigates, by giving participants a list of commonly used English words, the phonological differentiation between the Sindhi speakers and native speakers of English language according to Received Pronunciation (RP). It can be said that Sindhi English is a kind of variety within the Pakistani English variety. The study examines the cognitive management to pronounce English words of Sindhi speakers (for example, they follow the RP or not) and what is the difference between Sindhi speakers of English and native speakers of English? This study also shows how first language effects on the pronunciation of second language.

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