Marketing Information Products and Services in the Libraries of Public Sector Universities of Jamshoro
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Library Publicity, Librarians‘ Attitude, University Libraries, Library and Information Services, Marketing of Library Resources and Services, Information Products and Services.


The purpose of the study is to identify librarians‟ attitudes of the public sector universities of Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan, toward the marketing of library products and services. The data was collected through a self-constructed questionnaire based on literature review administered to all the professional library staff working in the public sector universities of Jamshoro. Results of this study indicated a positive attitude towards marketing information products and services. The respondents believed that an effective marketing programme depends on firm determination and team work. Most of the libraries of the public sector universities of Jamshoro were short of finances to be spent for marketing purposes. It was revealed by most of the respondents that information growth and budget deficit have made librarians to adopt marketing. The findings of the study showed that ICTs have made the marketing of library resources and services a necessity. Moreover, shrinking budgets of libraries, information explosion, and unfamiliarity of the users with library resources and services and resources constraints were the major factors responsible for marketing information products and services.

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