Language Politics in Pakistan and Its Socio linguistic Impacts on Sindh: A Critique

  • Dr Farida Yasmin Panhwar
  • Dr Mukesh Kumar Khatwani
  • Ishrat Afshan Abbasi
Keywords: Sociolinguistic, language politics, language policy, linguistic diversity.


This critique is based on the critical analysis of the language and education policies in Pakistan and their impacts on the sociolinguistic situation in the region. The article is poised on the descriptive approach. To evaluate the policy making decision the historical, socio-political and linguistic scenario of Pakistan is analyzed in detail. It also shades light on the motives behind the decision to announce Urdu and English, the two foreign languages, as the official languages of the state, ignoring the indigenous regional languages of the newly created state. Focusing on the political decisions, which cause the socio-linguistic unrest in Pakistan, specially, in Sindh, the second largest province of Pakistan; the article highlights the dents caused to the ethnic and sociolinguistic stability due to the language politics.