Cold War 2.0: A Case of Continued Rivalry

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Shahzad Nawaz Chand


The history of the recent world has been dominated by a difficult and a volatile relationship between the U.S and Russia. With the end of Cold War and the age of the Global War on Terror, both U.S and Russia have started to build a relationship with each other. In an up-down trajectory, the relationship has gone through hurdles and has seen events such as the ‘Reset’ while the Obama Administration was in office and now is believed to be heading towards a ‘Cold War 2.0’ scenario. The U.S-Russia relationship does not solely rest on the U.S and Russia, but have moved over to NATO and SCO respectively. Both countries have forgone conventional means of struggle to adopt a great game scenario where two blocs are emerging again to roll back the years and perhaps put the world into another era of ‘Cold War’.

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