Terrorism at Sea: Maritime Security Challenges in South Asia

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Dr Hussan Ara Magsi
Dr Bilquess Ara Magsi
Pirah Zulfiqar Hakro


Indian Ocean is an important trade route and a key international sea –lanes of communication in the present century. The major objectives of this research paper are to analyze the security and other challenges in Indian Ocean. In this research paper the qualitative and descriptive research methodology will be applied. The geo-economic and political approach will be applied to gauge the challenges of Indian Ocean and their counter remedies. Indian Ocean is also important due to geo-strategic location. There is always issue of maritime security is always there due to the presence of various checkpoints of straits of Hormuz, the Bab-el-Mandeb and Indonesian straits etc. There are many challenges confronted in Indian Ocean such as piracy, environmental hazards and arms, human and drugs smuggling. There is a need to chalk out the joint strategy to provide security and counter terrorism and other maritime crimes in Indian Ocean.

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