Exploring the Causes, of Suicide Incidents with Gunshot in Sindh

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Muhammad Afzal


It can be argued that no country is free from the menace of suicide incidents, committed with gunshot. The number of suicide incidents is increasing in day by day in our country. This paper investigates the major causes of such incidents. This paper is specifically focused only on the study of suicide incidents committed with gunshot in Sindh province of Pakistan. In fact the incidents of the suicide are more common among youth. Growing rate of suicide incidents indicate that it has become a serious social problem which is affecting wider communities. The paper also explains the issue of suicide in legal perspective. The Pakistan Penal Code, (1860) does not recognize or defines the term of suicide, as an offense punishable under the law. Thus, this study will also suggest measures to reduce the incidents of suicide. Communities in general and Government in particular will benefit from the ideas generated by this research stud.

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