Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Technical Education Institutes of Sindh As Applied to Diploma of Associate Engineer (Dae) (2010-2018)

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Qazi Arif Ali
Dr Muhammad Akhtar Kang
Dr Ahmed Saeed


In this era of technology and industrialization Technical Education acquires great importance, particularly for developing countries like Pakistan. The first Polytechnic in Pakistan was established in Karachi in 1955, and a Diploma of Associate Engineer Programme was introduced. Initially technical education institutes were established in the Public sector, but with time the Private sector also came forward and established well-equipped technical institutes that started to produce skilled workforce. From 2011 onwards, a large number of private technical institutes were established in Sindh. The purpose of this comparative study was to investigate the difference of Public and Private sector institutes of Sindh in certain key areas. Public sector institutes face the problem of shortage of qualified staff, fewer financial resources and a poor infrastructure. Some private institutes have well-qualified staff and a solid infrastructure, including labs and workshops, but most private institutes do not have sufficient faculty or adequate lab, workshop and library resources. The student pass rate is increasing, reaching 88%, which creates doubts about the quality of examination system. It is recommended that the Government should take measures to check the assessment system and acts to stop the growth of mushroom institutes. It should also take steps towards recruitment of qualified staff and provision of financial resources.

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