Exploring the Factors of Elite-Politics and Its Impact On Foreign Policy of Pakistan

  • Mohammad Shahban Sahito
  • Dr. Shuja Ahmed Mahesar
Keywords: Power Elite, Ideology, National Identity, Security, Dilema, Foreign Policy and Ethnicity.


The aim of this paper is to analyze the impact of elite-politics on the making of a foreign policy of Pakistan. Throughout history, elite-politics has influenced the process of decision-making in the country. The paper argues that the elite-politics uses ideology, security, dilemma weakness of democratic institutions, national identity, language, and culture to form a justification for exercising huge political power. Elite politics also justify the legitimacy and their dominance over domestic affairs by identifying the ingredients of reasoning. In this way it influences the process of foreign policy making and shape the foreign policy. In addition the paper investigates the impact of religionization of politics on the relations of the country with its neighbor countries.