Domestic Violence Against Female Beggars in Hyderabad District: A Case Study Qasimabad

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Syeda Qurat ul Ain Shah
Dr. Parveen Shah
Dr. Aijaz Ali Wassan


This Paper analyses the causes of the domestic violence against female beggars and their impacts on their lives. The paper is strictly limited to Taluka Qasimabad, District Hyderabad. The domestic violence against women exits in various forms. However, it is pretty horrible in the form being inflicted against female beggars in Qasimabad. The scores of causes for the domestic violence against female beggars range from rising poverty to population explosions with deep physical and mental impacts on the sufferers. For data collection qualitative research through Focused Group discussion method has been used through snow ball technique. 10 Cases of female beggars have been opted for the FGDs out of which two participated with their social backgrounds. The study concludes the pathetic condition of the female beggars due to multiple factors and their serious implications both physically as well as mentally. The study recommends prompt action from the Government as well as social scientist to go deep further in the social issues such as violence against the female beggars. Simultaneously there is immediate intervention of Government and the concerned department to address these issues on emergent basis as the number is likely to reach an alarming level.

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