Antecedents of Students’ Dysfunctional Behavior (SDB) Within Pakistani Higher Educational Institutions

  • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
  • Tayyaba Makhdoom
  • Noor-un-Nisa Baloch
Keywords: Student dysfunctional behaviour, Higher education, qualitative, Pakistan


Student Dysfunctional Behaviour (SDB) has become one of the major factors in poor educational service delivery within higher educational institutions. SDB within Pakistani higher educational institution is under-theorized research area. That’s why this article explores antecedents that contribute to the SDB. Qualitative research design was utilized to develop in-depth understanding of the phenomena. Data was collected from public sector higher educational institution by conducting focused groups and semi-structured in-depth interviews. Data analysis suggests that behaviour of academic and non-academic staff and institutional policies shape the SDB. This study concludes that feeling of injustice is high among students that exhibit dysfunctional behaviour within higher educational context of Pakistan.