Influence of Employees Motivation on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Riders in Courier Industry

  • Dr Ameer Ali Abro
  • Dr Mumtaz Khaskheli
  • Dr Jabeen Bhutto
Keywords: Job satisfaction, employee motivation, Employee retention, competitive wages, job security


The research paper refers to Influence of employee motivation on job satisfaction in courier companies in Karachi. Employees who work in OCS, TCS, Express Courier Services, Leopards M&P, DHL, etc. were chosen through laminated appropriate sampling. Study examined the job satisfaction and employee relationship. The primary data has been collected from 150 employees of different organization. The data that has been gathered for the research states that if organizations improve their effectiveness of study, methods and procedures involved. The convenient sampling method has been followed as per the convenience of researcher. The relation between variables shows the impact of variables on one another. The results indicate financial system; job security and progress career path to riders would retain them in the organization and also provide motivation for their job. The study revealed that monetary incentives and salary hugely satisfy their job increases their motivation and so. It is proved in this study that job satisfaction is the independent variable and motivation is dependent variable, and the year directly proportional to each other.