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Women trafficking, Forced labor, Sexual exploitation, Physical health


Women trafficking is the act of obtaining someone by coercion, fraud, or deception and then using them for trafficking, imprisonment, or acceptance with the intent to benefit from their exploitation. This study aims to the socio-economic status of trafficked women and highlights the issues, reasons, and causes of women trafficking in Sindh. Mostly women are exploited for forced labor and sexual exploitation .In this study, mix method was used for the data collection. Three hundred twenty samples were collected through questionnaires from several types of employers, such as advocates who have worked on women trafficking and violence against women. Also included were those who worked in the human trafficking cells and women Thana at Hyderabad and Karachi. Data were analyzed through STATA 15.0 and SPSS 20.0, using reliability, correlation, and regression analysis techniques. In the study, there is one dependent variable overall health, and there are five independent variables education, income, social life, physical fitness, and psychological health. This issue significantly increased in Pakistan and the international community. Ultimately, they face several social, economic, and health problems. The victims of women trafficked for sexual exploitation negatively impact social damage, critical health issues, and psychological and physical health conditions. Prevention of trafficking, victim protection, and prosecution of traffickers, multiple interventions would be necessary for care. A health professional can play a crucial role by promoting preventive awareness from the standpoint of holistic care. Moreover, programs for education must be implemented to safeguard women from negative health effects.
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