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AI-assisted language learning Model, ChatGPT, L2 Self, Self-Directed Learning, Language Learning


The field of motivation, particularly in language learning, has experienced a significant surge in the popularity of self-directed language learning, primarily owing to the emergence of AI-assisted methodologies. This study aims to explore the potential benefits and implications of utilizing Chat GPT, a sophisticated artificial intelligence language model, to enhance and facilitate self-directed second language (L2) learning.

The underpinning of this research depends upon examining an extensive synthesis of digital academic publications. The primary objective of this work is to provide a comprehensive examination and synthesis of the existing corpus of scholarly research on artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of learning a second language (L2 Self), as demonstrated in respected online academic publications. The primary objective of these scholarly articles was to examine the influence of ChatGPT on the development of second language (L2) proficiency, namely in the domains of L2 acquisition, L2 written expression, L2 oral communication, and L2 reading comprehension. A search methodology was utilized to retrieve relevant scholarly literature from Elsevier and Scopus Indexed Journals, as well as the Google Scholar databases, during one year. The procedure mentioned above led to the finding of N=25 articles from journals indexed by Elsevier and Springer links, Tandof Online and n=15 articles from Google Scholar. The relevant concepts include ChatGPT, learning a second language (L2 learning), artificial intelligence, and learning a language. The papers utilized in the analysis were obtained from reputable and well-regarded scholarly journals. The findings indicate a need for further academic research on the applications and outcomes of ChatGPT in second-language self-learning. This highlights the need for further research to assess the effectiveness of AI and develop guidelines for incorporating it into language education settings.

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