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Balochistan, Climate change, Viable strategy, Water crisis


A water crisis is an alarming issue in Balochistan. The persistent crises
lead towards catastrophic future condition. Water is essential for human
livelihood and other types of economic developments. A province that is situated
in an arid zone where due to low rainfall is scarcity of water. The qualitative
research methodology will be applied on this research paper. The data
collection will take place through secondary sources i.e. books, magazines,
journals and internet websites etc. The major causes for water crisis are
shortage of rainfall, climate change, misuse of water, over-urbanization, global
warming, non-availability of sufficient dams in Balochistan. There are severe
implications and repercussions of water crisis in Balochistan. It leads towards
agricultural crisis, loss of biodiversity, migration, drought condition, poor
quality life and low income etc. There is a need to adopt a proper strategy that
how to overcome the water crisis in Balochistan. The construction of dams, the
public awareness, the re-cycling of water, aqueducts, desalination of water,
improvement in sewerage system, rain water harvesting can enable us to
overcome the water crisis. The sustainable water management approach will be
applied to treat reuse and to control the wastage of water. The research will be
conducted by keeping in view the socio-economic perspective.

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