Population, Fluctuation of Aphid on the different Wheat Varieties from Larkana District

  • M. S. WAGAN
Keywords: Aphids, Wheat Varieties, Larkana


The present investigation has been carried on the population fluctuation of aphids on the different wheat varieties i-e TD-1, Benazir, Tj-83, QS-4, NIAamber from larkana district. Triticium astivum (wheat) is considered very important food crop in Pakistan including Sindh. This crop is attacked by numbers of insect including aphids, which is responsible for reduction of its yield. The occurrence of aphid has been started in the month of January and its peak infestation was observed during mid March when wheat crop was fully grown. During the present study significant large numbers of specimens were collected from the different varieties of wheat. The collected material was sorted out in to two species viz: Rhopalosiphum padi (L.), Schizaphis graminum (Rondani). During this study it was noted that TD-1 was significantly affected by R.padi and S.gramium as compare to other tested varieties. It was observed that aphid reached peak point in mid February on leaves then in the end of February aphids started shifting from leaves to ears and their population start to decline in month of April.