Requirement Engineering Challenges in Distributed Software Development

  • F. A. ABBASI
  • A. BURDI
  • R. S. KHAN
  • S. H. F. NAQVI
  • M. S. ABBASI
Keywords: Requirement Engineering, Distributed Software Development, Global Software Development.


In process of software development, requirement engineering is one of the main pillars and important elements because of the role it plays. Requirements acts as baseline upon which the pacts between the team members, people using it and those purchasing it are affirmed. For an increasing number of globalization and technological reasons, it is imperative to note that software development has grown in recent years and has resulted in several changes that are crucial in the establishment of development projects. The change is supported and geared by the desire to work round the clock and capitalize on the extensive number of available resources, reduce on expenses and the urge to be near or closer to the users but the negative effect of such applications is the risks associated with gaps in communications. The distributed development of software is a complex phenomenon, facing the challenges like: geographical separation of project members, different time zones, different languages, different backgrounds, team structure, organizational structure, communication and technology to be used for communication and coordination.