Software Requirements Prioritization using Agile Technique

  • S. S. ZIA
  • K. T. BATOOL
  • S. N. HASANY
  • D. JAMIL
Keywords: Agile Development Model, Requirement Prioritization, Requirement Engineering.


Pesent Investigation based upon systematic literature review of agile development model for requirement prioritization with the help of requirement engineering process. Strategies and several methods which maintains easy and feasible requirements and software development model. This article helps future software engineers to prioritize their requirements covering Agile Software Development (ASD). Agile software development model has become the trending approach to deliver product on time according to customer demands and needs, it becomes harder to maintain all demands on top. Where increases which losses order of importance of all requirements. Initially it was difficult to keep on eye every customer requirements also complete task on their desire date. It will cover all aspects of keeping on their prioritization list on order also covering requirement engineering phases with Agile Software Development (ASD).