Haematological profile of farmed Catla catla from Multan, Pakistan

  • S. MASUD
  • Z. NAEEM
  • A. D. NAEEM
  • M. NAEEM
Keywords: Haematology, Catla catla, Haemoglobin, Fish size


Haematological parameters are repeatedly used as an important tool to assess the health condition of fish. Although fish haematology acts as a valuable tool, but progress in establishing normal range values for blood parameters has been slow and literature in this area is often incomplete. The purpose of this study was to assess the reference values of some haematological parameters of Catla catla, which are mostly cultured in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Fish were collected during October, 2019 from a fish farm located in Multan, Pakistan. Variation in haematological parameters such as red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), haemoglobin (HGB) and platelets count (PLT) of fish were observed when compared to the earlier reference values. The RBCs, WBCs, HGB and PLT values in wild Catla catla were 2.58±0.53 (106/μL), 83.38±6.51 (106/μL), 11.56±1.44 (g/dl) and 89.87±10.69 (106/μL) respectively. Statistical relationship was studied applying linear regression analysis. RBCs, WBCs, HGB and PLT represented highly significant positive correlation (p<0.001) when plotted against length and weight of fish.