Towards medium-scale and large-scale game development using agile-based scrum

  • Danish Nazir Arain
  • Nazish Basir
  • Sehrish Nizamani
Keywords: Agile; Scrum; Sprints; Game development; Medium scale; Large scale


Agile development is usually considered as a non-formal, transparent and fun-driven approach of
software development, while scrum is an agile process within agile methodology. So often, the game development
projects require huge teams and limited time schedules. Currently, the game industries are making a switch from the
traditional approach of software development towards agile practices. This paper proposes a framework to be
adopted and fitted in agile-based scrum framework for medium scale and large-scale game development projects.
The proposed framework enlightens the scrum cast, the responsibilities and the overall process of scrum in detail.
However, this framework is not tested and validated yet, but provides good insight to game development teams
about how it can be applied.

How to Cite
Danish Nazir Arain, Nazish Basir, & Sehrish Nizamani. (2020). Towards medium-scale and large-scale game development using agile-based scrum. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 134 - 138. Retrieved from

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