A Conceptual Framework For Smart Education System For Postgraduate Students

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Abdul Samad Jamali
Muhammad Yaqoob Koondhar
Mansoor Hyder Depar
Zulfikar Ahmed Maher
Mukhtiar Memon


- In this era of technology, every field of life is being furnished with smart devices. Education system is
one of the major domains in which smart devices can play an important role to run education system dynamically.
The conventional methods of teaching involve the use of pen, paper and blackboard and physical presence of the
students in the classroom is mandatory in such systems. If the student fails to attend the class physically, he/she
faces difficulties to cope loss of learning due to absence. The customary methods of education are never best suited
for the distance education. In this paper we present Conceptual Framework for Smart Education System for
Postgraduate Students (SESPS), which addresses most of the issues of the conventional teaching system. The
proposed SESPS is aimed to promote an environment where learners learn anytime and anywhere. The proposed
SESPS makes provisions of seamless learning styles such as formal learning, informal learning, individual learning,
physical learning or digital learning according to pace, needs and interest of learners.

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Abdul Samad Jamali, Muhammad Yaqoob Koondhar, Mansoor Hyder Depar, Zulfikar Ahmed Maher, & Mukhtiar Memon. (2020). A Conceptual Framework For Smart Education System For Postgraduate Students. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 165 - 172. Retrieved from https://sujo.usindh.edu.pk/index.php/USJICT/article/view/2883