Modeling Of Factors Influencing Harmonic Distortion Based on Simulation Model of Personal Computer

  • Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa
  • Muhammad Usman Keerio
Keywords: Harmonic Distortion, Experimental study, Personal Computer (PC) , Simulink model , Curve Fitting


The penetration of harmonic distortion in electrical power system due to the extensive utilization of
nonlinear electronic loads such as Personal Computer (PC) is the root cause of voltage and current distortion and
also serious troubles for overall electrical power system. More or less every household consumer of electricity is
faced variations in the system voltage, frequency, source impedance. To quantify the influence of above mentioned
factors on harmonic distortion magnitudes in non linear loads accurately, we need to studies and implement various
aspects together with the accurate simulation model of these nonlinear loads. Hence, the objectives of this paper is
first to evaluate the efficiency of developed simulink model of personal computer for harmonic distortion
investigation via comparing with experimental measurement and second is to investigate the influence of above
mentioned factors individually and precisely on the total harmonic distortion by using that simulink model of
personal computer. Validation of the PC simulink model is done by performing experimental study at Electrical
Engineering Department QUEST Nawabshah and comparing the THD and other power quantities obtained from
simulation using MATLAB with the values obtained by experimental measurement

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Muhammad Shahzad Bajwa, & Muhammad Usman Keerio. (2020). Modeling Of Factors Influencing Harmonic Distortion Based on Simulation Model of Personal Computer . University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 173 - 180. Retrieved from

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