Software Quality Assurance Trend and Practices: A case study of Software Industry in Pakistan

  • Muhammad Zainuddin Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi
  • Shah M. Emaduddin Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
  • Abdul Hafeez Adam Muhammad Ali Jinnah University
  • Muhammad Ahsan Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
Keywords: Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Software Engineering Trends, Software Engineering Practices, SQA


Rise of the digital era, technology, and easy business setup, these factors provide all required elements to give a boost to the Pakistan software industry. As 65% population consists of youngsters in Pakistan and millions of students rush to set up a business right after their academic completion every year, software firms have become the easiest way to gain the tag of entrepreneur and CEO. However, the software houses have now given the sense of mushrooms in a jungle, very few of them are able to fulfill the quality standard and the major chunk of them just grow in the season. That became the major reason for most of the software houses getting out from the software industry as rapidly as they enter the market. This large evacuation from the software industry gives a wake-up call to existing software houses working right now to give a solid look towards the quality standard of their software products. To get an understanding of the major key of success that helps the software houses to gain the sustainability in Pakistan software industry we conduct a survey from existing software houses of different kinds from successful firm to struggling firm, in order to have a thoughtful culmination of our research.

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Muhammad Zainuddin, Shah M. Emaduddin, Abdul Hafeez Adam, & Muhammad Ahsan. (2022). Software Quality Assurance Trend and Practices: A case study of Software Industry in Pakistan. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 6(1), 9-14. Retrieved from

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