Software Outsourcing Cost Estimation Model (SOCEM). A Systematic Literature Review Protocol

  • Jamshed Ahmad
  • Abdul Wahid Khan
  • Iqbal Qasim
Keywords: Offshore software development outsourcing, Systematic literature review, critical challenges


Outsourcing software enhancement aims at developing top quality product at a low cost. This type of business is expending slowly and steadily. We have to work on developing a model called SOCEM. Its purpose is to overcome the challenges being faced by different organizations regarding cost estimation. Our work will be related systematic literature review (SLR). It will help in identifying all those challenges being faced by outsourcing software vendors’ organizations. Different types of techniques and world practices will be collected in this regard. We will use a new approach of SLR in this study. The primary theme of this paper is to work on a model called software outsourcing cost estimation challenge model for the identification of all those challenges being faced by a software outsourcing vendor organization regarding cost estimation. This model will assist vendor organizations to estimate properly before contracting with client organization.

How to Cite
Ahmad, J., Khan, A. W., & Qasim, I. (2018). Software Outsourcing Cost Estimation Model (SOCEM). A Systematic Literature Review Protocol. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2(1), 25-30. Retrieved from

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