Earthquake Monitoring & Early Warning System

  • Zaryab Qazi
  • Mubashir Malik
  • Waseem Javaid Soomro
Keywords: Earthquake Monitoring, Early warning system, Earthquake warning system


The aim of this project is to design the system that can detect P-wave before the first S-wave spike. Typically, P-wave travel 1.68 to 1.75 times faster than S-wave. Our proposed designed device consists of a pendulum type earthquake detection device which is interconnected with fault point finder, wireless alarm, GSM kit and automatic turn off system. when P- wave strike the pendulum it activates relay and send the pulse to stimulate the wireless alarm which can be install at any place as it detects the P-waves and can save human lives as they will be aware of how to deal with this situation.

How to Cite
Qazi, Z., Malik, M., & Soomro, W. J. (2018). Earthquake Monitoring & Early Warning System. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2(1), 44-51. Retrieved from

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