HelpMe-App: Android Based Health Management System

  • Pirah Bughio
  • Fida Hussain Chandio
  • Hira Fatima Naqvi
  • Ahmed Ali Bughio
Keywords: Components based software engineering, Engineering Process, Software development process


Emergencies in life can occur at any time, they happen suddenly, and no one have the power to stop them. However, if we can take some precautionary measures, we can save ourselves from a serious damage. There are so many sudden accidents in our life; heart attack is one of them. This application aims to help the patient and take measures that could possibly save the heart patient immediately from the serious danger. This research work involves designing an android application using smart phone, that sense the pulse rate of the patient and the application automatically send the patients’ physical location and his/her heart rate to the doctors immediately via SMS. After analysing the patient’s data, the doctors will suggest the patient either to take some medicine or get hospitalized on immediate basis. The development involved using Android Operating System to design the smart application and Pulse Sensor connected with Arduino UNO, which is used to sense the heartrate of patient. The microcontroller Arduino UNO will read the sensor signals and send it to the Bluetooth shield connected in the hardware circuit. This Bluetooth shield then sends the sensor signal to the android app by communicating with Bluetooth of the smart phone and send the pulse rate to the android application user interface. Then the application will send the pulse rate coordinates and current location of patient by using GPS tracker of the smart phone and send these parameters to the cardiac surgeon immediately. The proposed android app is based on health care management to help the people to secure his/her life from worst situation.

Health Management System
How to Cite
Bughio, P., Chandio, F. H., Naqvi, H. F., & Bughio, A. A. (2018). HelpMe-App: Android Based Health Management System. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2(2), 130-134. Retrieved from

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