Detection of Fault in Actively Controlled Railway Vehicle

  • Arzoo Sahito
  • Faisal Sahito
  • Sahar Zameer
Keywords: actively controlled modeling, systematic railway behavior, inspecting conditions, detection of fault and isolation


It was the recent study when the traditional passive suspension used to stabilize the sets of wheel for the railway but it created the obstacle of the effect of rolling for the wheels. The design dispute between the stability and the rolling performance can crack by active components instead of the straight passive suspension which has been shown theoretically that the use of active control can mitigate wear of the wheels and its tracking forces. The study of active control in the place of traditional components that substituted by the actuators, sensors and data processor may increase the problems of stability which is a serious case, results in the derailment. Additionally, the cost of the actuators is expensive and it takes more space than sensors and needs an electronic control unit in the active control system for railway vehicles. The Kalman Bucy filter is used to generate the values for detection and isolation of faults in the railway wheelsets.

How to Cite
Sahito, A., Faisal Sahito, & Sahar Zameer. (2018). Detection of Fault in Actively Controlled Railway Vehicle. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2(3), 143-147. Retrieved from

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