Renewable Energy’s Reliability Issue and Possible Solutions: A Meta-Analytic Review

  • Salik uddin Ahmed
  • Amjad Ali
  • Abdul Hameed Memon
Keywords: renewable energy, reliability; solutions, hybrid grid, smart grid


Deployment of Renewable Energy (RE) is considered a vital initiative to control carbon emissions by avoiding fossil fuel consumption. Depletion of natural resources and environmental issues like climate change have forced global energy strategists to focus on sustainable energy practices. Based on data collected during this review process, it is evidently concluded that RE cannot be considered a reliable source yet as suggested by 93% of the reviewed studies. The identified solutions are forecasting and storage system (43%); smart grids with curtailment, peak shaving and power smoothing for grid stability (43%); and hybrid RE grids with extensive transmission and distribution. Also, grid related solutions are suggested by 31% of studies, which are grid integrated storage options and interconnected micro girds for power regulation and management. Storage enhancement techniques like battery storage and electric vehicle based domestic storage for power compensation during low power generation and for back-up purposes is proposed by 25% of reviewed articles. Lastly, algorithm integrated forecasting system for smart management and resource distribution are supported by 18% of analyzed studies. Implementation of these solutions can improve the chances of achieving a 100% renewable national grid without a conventional energy backup within next few years.

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Salik uddin Ahmed, Ali, A., & Abdul Hameed Memon. (2018). Renewable Energy’s Reliability Issue and Possible Solutions: A Meta-Analytic Review. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 2(3), 170-175. Retrieved from

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