Prevention Mechanism For RUDY Attack And Its Comparison

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Sheena Qadir Memon
Liaquat Ali Thebo
Syed Naveed Jafri
Hyder Zaman Brohi


Rapid growth in the area of information technology causes IT professionals to make greater efforts to secure their network from Hackers. IT world called that attack RUDY (R U Dead Yet) attack Basically, RUDY attack is used by hackers to block or disrupt web-server services. Hacker is also trying to attack a web server using open ports. Each web server in the world has its exposed client ports (80, 8080,443 and 4433), and hackers use these ports to target web servers. You may want to use a web server on Microsoft Based Server (IIS) or Linux Based Server (Apache). RUDY attack on the 7th layer of HTTP traffic (DoS) attack, which basically injects POST body traffic to the server at a low rate to create so many sessions on the server. In this  proposed work, a RUDY attack would be undertaken and tested for its impact on the Microsoft Based Web-server as well as the Linux Based Web-server at the end of which the key would be bounced to lock the Web-server.

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Sheena Qadir Memon, Liaquat Ali Thebo, Syed Naveed Jafri, & Hyder Zaman Brohi. (2020). Prevention Mechanism For RUDY Attack And Its Comparison. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(1), 45-51. Retrieved from
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