Performance of Mansabdari System under the Successors of Emperor Jalal-Ud-Din Muhammad Akbar

  • Fakhar Bilal
  • Dr Shuja Ahmed Mahesar
  • Dr Yasir Ali
Keywords: Mansabadari System, Mughal Empire, Administration, Jagirdari System, Religious Faith


The aim of this paper is to analyze the performance of mansabdari system under the successors of Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. The paper is focused on the mansabdari system which was developed and strengthened during the reign of Akbar. It can be argued that the mansabdari was an integrated system of efficient and loyal servants on the disposal of Akbar for the large expansion of his empire. The successors of Akbar tried to capture the spirit of Akbar’s age and reign in all respects but without much success. The system remained intact with central authority during Akbar’s days. The paper indicates that after the death of Akbar, the mansabdars started defying the authority of governors as well as the successors of Akbar. In this research attempt the performance of mansabdari system under the successors of Akbar i.e. Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb will be analyzed.