Published: 2019-10-21

Post-Independence Colonial Impacts on the Political Development of Pakistan: The Bureaucracy

Dr. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Bashir Ahmed Jatoi, Dr. Abdul Rahman Nizamani

Influence of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior for Conspicuous Products

Dr. Muhammad Memon, Mashooq Ali Khowaja, Rajkumar, Rameez Haider Solangi

A Study of Stress Factors and Their Impact on Students’ Academic Performance at University Level

Mansoor Ahmed Soomro, Dr Muneeruddin Soomro, Dr Ghulam Akbar Mahesar, Sana Rani

Impact of Military Wars/Conflicts on Pakistan-India Relations

Shahzeb Shaikh, Afshan Iqbal, Dr Asghar Dashti

Harmony and Peace Education in Pakistan: Focus on PCTB Textbooks of History and Pakistan Studies

Dr. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu, Rafi Raza Sanghro, Shahbaz Ahmad, Pirah Zulfiqar

E-Commerce and Its Effects in Supply Chain Management

Mumtaz Ali, Dr Ameer Ali Abro, Shahzaib Mumtaz, Dr. Niaz Ahmed Bhutto