Vol. 53 No. 1 (2019): Grassroots


Sadia Mehmood, Kashif Ghani Syed
Untamed Subjectivity upon Blasphemy: Comparative Subjectivity of the National and International English and National Urdu Print Media upon Reporting A Blasphemy Case in Pakistan
Saba Sahar, Dr. Naghma Mangrio
China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges and Opportunities
Rozina Jumani, Dr. Ahmad Saeed
ECD Educators' Outlook on Early Years' Curriculum and Pedagogy Fostering Children’s Holistic Development
Dr. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh, Bashir Ahmed Jatoi, Dr. Abdul Rahman Nizamani
Post-Independence Colonial Impacts on the Political Development of Pakistan: The Bureaucracy
Dr. Muhammad Memon, Mashooq Ali Khowaja, Rajkumar, Rameez Haider Solangi
Influence of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior for Conspicuous Products
Saima Murtaza Pandhiani, Dr. Sumera Umrani
A Post Structural Inquiry into Female ESL Learners’ Gender Identities at a Public University in Pakistan
Fakhar Bilal, Dr Shuja Ahmed Mahesar, Dr Yasir Ali
Performance of Mansabdari System under the Successors of Emperor Jalal-Ud-Din Muhammad Akbar
Mansoor Ahmed Soomro, Dr Muneeruddin Soomro, Dr Ghulam Akbar Mahesar, Sana Rani
A Study of Stress Factors and Their Impact on Students’ Academic Performance at University Level
Shahzeb Shaikh, Afshan Iqbal, Dr Asghar Dashti
Impact of Military Wars/Conflicts on Pakistan-India Relations
Erum Shaikh, Dr. Imamuddin Khoso, D.r Fida Chandio
Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Performance: A Conceptual and Literature Review
Dr. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu, Rafi Raza Sanghro, Shahbaz Ahmad, Pirah Zulfiqar
Harmony and Peace Education in Pakistan: Focus on PCTB Textbooks of History and Pakistan Studies
Noresh Keerio, Dr Nizamuddin Channa, Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar
Role of Gender Variances in Job Satisfaction of Employee Working in Public Sector Universities
Ameer Sultan, Ayaz Afsar, Mubarak Ali Lashari
Nawaz Sharif’s Speeches to the United Nations General Assembly: A Corpus-Based Analysis
Mumtaz Ali, Dr Ameer Ali Abro, Shahzaib Mumtaz, Dr. Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
E-Commerce and Its Effects in Supply Chain Management
Rahib Ali Jalalani, Dr. Naimatullah Shah
Social Capital’s Impact on Civic Engagement: An Empirical Study on Pakistani Youth