Role of Gender Variances in Job Satisfaction of Employee Working in Public Sector Universities

  • Noresh Keerio
  • Dr Nizamuddin Channa
  • Dr. Hakim Ali Mahesar
Keywords: Gender differences, Job satisfaction, Public sector Universities


This research aims to investigate the association of gender dissimilarities and job satisfaction among employees working in public sector Universities. Structural equation modeling approach using Smart PLS is employed to test hypotheses on 410 samples of university officers. The findings reveal that the gender differences have positive relationship with employee job satisfaction. Moreover, there are various factors alike organizational commitment, working conditions which are not considered in this research. Furthermore, current research has stressed on the significance of HR practices in public sector universities to manage diversity. The research implications suggest that authorities relating to public sector universities private banking sector of Pakistan needs to pay attention on rewards and recognition activities as employees expect rewards according to their efforts.