E-Commerce and Its Effects in Supply Chain Management

  • Mumtaz Ali
  • Dr Ameer Ali Abro
  • Shahzaib Mumtaz
  • Dr. Niaz Ahmed Bhutto
Keywords: Connectivity, Internet, E-Commerce, Supply chain, Digital world.


E-Commerce in today’s world is playing an important role in global business. A quantitative and quantitative research was conducted with professional members, employees working in organization which are dealing with E-Business or online working via internet and their views gave an empirical and dynamic approach to make business efficient and effective. Connectivity with market to find best manufacture for goods and for manufacture to finds its buyer for their finished goods. Flow of information become faster and gathering of data become easier to make activities of business to get optimal results. Numbers of goods are available complications to finds goods are removed by complimentary goods. Supplies of goods at proper time in order to meet demand by consumer plays win to win game. Improved methods of technology like RFID make work easier and accessible information about goods to management. Manpower in forms of labor is reducing which leads to decrease in the cost of goods. Ordering cost saves time and gives a specified time both producers to make commodity and consumer for delivery of goods. E-Commerce with contrast of components of supply chain in the form of ware house, logistics, number of listing suppliers, number of listing items on one web in the form of website on one platform give dynamic image to businesses in the race of competitive world. Business transactions done with internet not only reduce time but also make documents or records for longer time able to send data from distant parts of the world. Through websites we can get completive price information and other relevant information for goods.