Published: 2021-03-03

Benazir Bhutto and the Challenge and Response Theory

Dr.Muhammad Azeem, Dr.Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Dr.Fatima Riffat

Hybrid Warfare and its Impacts on Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Dr. Imran Ali Noonari, Inayatullah Bhatti

Gwadar on the Chess Board of History: An Overview

Sahira Abbasi, Sabahat Jaleel, Dr.Shuja Ahmed Mahesar

Human Capital and Foreign Direct Investment: Lessons for Pakistan

Nisar Ahmed Hattar, Dr.Muhammad Saleem Rahpoto, Dr.Ali Gul Khushik

Proposing Sociological Research on Children Health Problems in Pakistan

Dr.Pasand Ali Khoso, Dr.Waheed Ahmed Abbasi, Dr.Beenish Malik

Representation of Gender in Pakistani Comedy Dramas

Dr Muhammad Abdullah, Muntazar Mehdi, Aimun Noor