Ear Biometric for Human Authentication

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Abid Ullah
Said Khalid Shah
Muhammad Ayaz


This paper describes Ear identification system and using Ear as a biometric organ for human authentication. It uses
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm to identify ear features. The proposed system consists of six basic steps. In first step,
2D Ear image is capture by camera. The second step is to crop ear image as a region of interest and normalized in the third step. In the
fourth step PCA algorithm is applied to the image to generate eigenvalues and eigenvectors. In the fifth step, ear along with
eigenvalues and eigenvectors are generated as an output of PCA. Finally (last step) the image is compare with stored images in the
database. We tested the system using images obtained from different international databases as well as our own created database. Our
system accuracy is nearly 99.5%.

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