Software Defined Networking: A Review with Existing Techniques

  • Hira Beenish
  • Muhammad Fahad
  • Usra Sami
Keywords: IP networks; Virtualization; Software defined networking; Computer networks; Security; Communication networks


With the expansion of acute gadgets and rapid networks, the devices have expanded towards wide
acknowledgments, that are the principle of widespread and low- manage networks. These devices can be managed remotely to
play out the desired usefulness of network meanings. By using this concept SDN acts as a significant role in remote
connections of these core devices. Because of separation of hardware & software it becomes easy to deploy on different
devices in order to obtain software control then at the same time it is trying to manage these integrated techniques under
the same ridge. This paper presents a comprehensive review of existing techniques used in software defined networking
domain. This research article also presented some different constraints of software defined networks that is causing the
efficient practice of software defined networking by comparing these constraints from different research articles.

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Hira Beenish, Muhammad Fahad, & Usra Sami. (2020). Software Defined Networking: A Review with Existing Techniques. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 104-108. Retrieved from

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