Electronic Toll Collection and Record Management System

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Nouman Naseem
Azka Arif
Shahzaib Ahmed
Dr. Sarwat Nizamani
Salman Khawaja
Abdul Samad Jamali


In this modern era, the cities are connected through well maintained network of roads. In order to keep those roads up to the mark all the time, funds are required, which are generated by the vehicles that use those roads. For this purpose, toll booths are installed at various locations on the roads. In Pakistan, most of the toll booths are working manually, which frequently cause traffic Jam. In this paper, we propose an Electronic toll collection system along with the vehicle record management system. With the implementation of the proposed system, the risk of traffic jam can be reduced, and smooth flow of traffic can be possible. Besides, electronic toll collection system, the vehicle record management system can help in case of an emergency or theft. For instance, if a theft happened through a vehicle which crossed the toll booth, then vehicle can be tracked by inspecting vehicle number and its record can be retrieved, that at what time the vehicle has crossed the toll booth. Hence, the proposed system can help in curbing the theft to some extent.

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Nouman Naseem, Azka Arif, Shahzaib Ahmed, Dr. Sarwat Nizamani, Salman Khawaja, & Abdul Samad Jamali. (2020). Electronic Toll Collection and Record Management System. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 129 - 133. Retrieved from https://sujo.usindh.edu.pk/index.php/USJICT/article/view/2877