PFE: A Visual Programming Frame Work for Teaching Programming to Dummies or beginners

  • Mufti Anees-Ur-Rahman
  • Rai Sabir
  • Umer Riaz
  • Tauseef Rana
Keywords: Visual Programming Language, Visual Coding


Modern human lifestyle has revolutionized and there is a paradigm shift in ways, how humans and machines interact. Everybody is connected and concerned with machines through software and computer applications and SMART is the ongoing style everywhere. With this increased human-machine interaction and the presence of smart machines in their lifestyles, user curiosity and involvement in software logic and its underlying processes has increased the importance and consideration of user understanding of programming manifold. However, programming and developing computer programs have remained a problem specific to software engineers, professional developers, computer geeks and IT professionals, and it has excluded the general public’s understandability and involvement. Henceforth this research paper is an endeavor to bring basic programming and its underlying logics to novice learners and non-programmers through a visual programming framework that will enable people with basic computer handling knowledge, to create simple logics and computer programs. Programming for Everyone (PFE) is a visual programming framework that defines basic construction parameters to build visual programming software that enables non-programmer users from outside IT industry to gradually learn and build programming logic and computer applications

How to Cite
Mufti Anees-Ur-Rahman, Rai Sabir, Umer Riaz, & Tauseef Rana. (2020). PFE: A Visual Programming Frame Work for Teaching Programming to Dummies or beginners. University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology , 4(3), 194 - 198. Retrieved from

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